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Let’s talk first looks! Love em? Hate em? 👀  we want to see your thoughts in the comments! ✍️ 📱 Either way, I’d wager they’re here to stay! As Idaho wedding photographers, this wife + hubby team have seen our fair share of weddings run both traditionally, and with a first look and we have […]

Should I do a first Look?

September 22, 2020


first look photos

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Planning a fall 2020 wedding? This swoon worthy styled session is a b-e-a-uuuutiful pop of inspiration for your planning! We had so much fun photographing Heather & Kevin, and this gorgeous table scene in the Boise foothills. Despite realizing that I’m definitely out of shape on my (embarrassingly short) hike up to the cliffs, we […]

Boise Black Cliff Elopement Styled Session

November 14, 2019


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Do you remember “playing wedding” with your friends as a little girl??  I usually had my jelly sandals on, a pillowcase veil (Monica Gellar style), and one of our favorite princess costume dresses. At some point, my grandmother bought me an actual wedding dress costume, and I loved it with my whole heart! While odds […]

4 Things You Have To Know Before You Pick Your Wedding Photographer

October 28, 2019


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My eyes kept wandering back to them – this undeniably entranced couple, standing tall, somehow magnetically energetic in the middle of the dance floor – as though they stood still, among a room of swirling wedding guests. They swayed softly, foreheads bowed together. Her eyes kept slowly making their way back to trace patterns across […]

Hannah + Joe, Holy Apostles Catholic Church, and Potomac Manor Wedding in Boise, Idaho

October 4, 2019


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She was radiating the kind of incandescent happiness you read about in sappy summer romance novels. The kind of joy that infected anyone that looked at her – my own cheeks aching with the smile she spread to her onlookers. The tulle of her gown swept as she twirled and swayed – a real-life princess […]

Andrew & Amanda’s Pink & Navy Wedding at Willowbridge in Eagle, Idaho

August 29, 2019