Hannah + Joe, Holy Apostles Catholic Church, and Potomac Manor Wedding in Boise, Idaho


October 4, 2019

My eyes kept wandering back to them – this undeniably entranced couple, standing tall, somehow magnetically energetic in the middle of the dance floor – as though they stood still, among a room of swirling wedding guests. They swayed softly, foreheads bowed together. Her eyes kept slowly making their way back to trace patterns across his face. As though she was mesmerized. He would smile softly, and close his eyes as they rocked together, untouched by the celebration around them. United in their movements, like the earth and its moon. Although which person was the anchor, and which was the satellite was unclear. They radiated a kind of affection that made my breath hitch in my chest, and encouraged a mirroring smile – soft across my own face.
As the night wore on, their orbit continued, and my joy for them was inexplicably growing – without knowing anything about them, except for one fact that was evident in my gut… These two. They were made for each other … they just … fit.

Just over a year later, I found myself standing to the side of a beautiful white marble alter. The church was silent. It was so quiet that you could’ve heard a pin drop. Its great warm walls arching far overhead, the shadow of our savior heavy against the backdrop. Those same mesmerizing souls standing before a priest, who spoke of agape love. A phrase I had vaguely heard, but never really knew the meaning of. He described a sacrificial love – the love of a “fit challenger” voluntarily taking on the discomfort and sacrifice that come with loving someone more than you will ever love yourself. The kind of love that caused Jesus to sacrifice Himself for us. He told the story of Eve being born from Adams’ rib – of man literally being incomplete in this life until he becomes whole in finding his companion. How perfectly he described the kind of love we saw, growing roots deep in their hearts as they danced on that dance floor.

And it was stronger today, as they locked gazes before that alter, even more entranced than before.

Hannah & Joe, what more can we even say about you two? There is something so breathtakingly pure about your love for each other. There’s a strength, warmth and fight in each of you that speaks volumes, and emanates to those around you – and we felt it from the moment we spotted you at Saige & Tony’s wedding last summer. Hannah, your infectious smile and gentle joyfulness stole our hearts immediately – and we knew this man of yours was doing something incredibly right, just by watching the way you looked at him. Our foothill engagement session together confirmed just how sweet and steady your Joe is – his quiet confidence and passion for you really shining through as we walked through the desert together. The smile on those hikers’ faces told us they could see your connection too. We are unspeakably grateful for the opportunity to bare witness to such a beautiful new marriage, to smile at the love you have for each other, and the fun the two of you have together. Our confidence in you was echoed by every single guest we had the pleasure of talking to – a true testament to the way you’ve blessed each other’s lives, and we know in our hearts that you will continue to for the rest of your days. We love you both to the desert and back!

Big hugs and lots of love,





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