A luxury boudoir session with Sydne is a step towards

- celebrating where you are every step of the journey

- showing your body gratitude for all it does for you, no matter what

- documenting your beauty through all of your seasons as you evolve, change, and age 

- choosing to celebrate yourself when you do hit a milestone - whether it's a fitness goal, or hitting your 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s or beyond

-It's okay to live a little, splurge a little, and feel drop dead gorgeous every once in a while! Brig out your inner goddess! 

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You Are Enough

Love Your Journey

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 Hair & Makeup

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I love getting to know my clients before we work together! We talk on the phone with all of our clients before booking your session to make sure we answer all of your questions, and we get a feel for exactly what you're looking to create to make sure I'm the perfect photographer for you!

Once we've had a chance to talk through the details, we can lock in your session date and book right over the phone! You can book your call HERE!

Let's Get to know each other!

I want every client to know that I'm SO excited to help you discover yourelf in portraits! This experience can be absolutely life changing, and I can't wait to bring out your beautiful with boudoir!

Once you know you're in love with my work and jive with my personality, you can book your session via email, over the phone, or online here! 

We begin all of our boudoir sessions at 11AM in our studio in Caldwell, ID. Sessions are available Monday-Saturday!

ready to book

Once your sitting fee has been paid, you'll get an email that will include our contract, boudoir prep guide, and client questionnaire, so we can design the perfect session! 

We’ve created our prep guide for our clients to help you get the most out of your photos, have all your questions answered, and feel more than ready and prepared for your session. 
We’ll take care of the rest! Your only job is to be yourself, laugh a lot and let us create photos you’ll love forever! 

prepping for your shoot

Make sure to eat breakfast/lunch before you head to the studio - nobody has fun if they're hangry! 
Our glam squad will pamper you, and make you feel like a million bucks! There's nothing quite like professional hair and makeup styling to make you feel amazing! 

We shoot for about 60-90 minutes after hair and makeup! 
Eat a light meal before the session, and pack a snack for after - you'll thank me later!

your session day

After your session, we'll break for about 60-90 minutes for lunch! Sydne will use this time to select your top 30-40 images, and perform a very light retouch.

After lunch, you'll come back up to the studio to view your gorgeous images, and select your favorites for your collection! Sydne will walk you through EVERYTHING from which album you want, to the images that go in it, and what will look best on your wall!

Products will arrive 6-8 weeks later, and we can even install your wall art for you!

Gallery Reveal & ordering session

from meeting to delivery

1. Phone Call

2. Confirm Your Date

3. Grab Your Prep Guide

4. The Big Day

5. Curate Your Collection

the process

Make it Happen

"OMG! I have to tell you...that's the kind of picture I see of another woman and I think "wow, I wish I was that beautiful", and now I am that woman and I want to say thank you. I love getting the chance to be free and relaxed in my own skin. Thank you for this phenomenal experience


"I loved doing a Boudoir shoot with Sydne! She made me feel comfortable, confident and sexy! We laughed through the whole shoot! Sydne was great at directing me on how to position myself to get the best picture. She made the whole experience very personalized from putting on my favorite music wile getting ready to sending me somewhere she new I would love for a treat while editing my pictures. The pictures turned out amazing and my hubby was thrilled. It is very obvious that she is talented and passionate about what she does!"


"My photoshoot was so much fun and liberating! Sydne really knows how to capture you in the best angles. I purchased a photo album for my man and she personalized the gift as more than I ever had hoped for. I feel TOTALLY happy that I purchased the photos it was so worth it!!"


"The best I've ever felt. EVERY woman needs to experience this!"


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MORE client experiences

"Step out of your bubble"

"take a break from the chaos of life to embrace yourself"



Dress Up in Confidence

natural beauty

Styled bombshell

natural beauty

Styled bombshell

I believe all women are beautiful, in every season, shape and size. Let me bring out your beautiful too.
xoxo - sydne

I know what you're thinking. These women are gorgeous. They must be models, or actresses. I could never look like that. 
But what if you're wrong...?

You're right about one thing. These women are GORGEOUS.
But so are you. Just as you are.

These ARE everyday women. I've never photographed a professional model. These women are the same mothers, wives, grandmothers, and sisters you might bump into at the market. They would probably be wearing their 3 day messy bun, and the same yoga pants they woke up in.

 Because ALL women are real. All bodies are real. And all women deserve to celebrate their bodies, in every ever-evolving season of life.

before & AFTER


Know Your Power

Mrs H

Miss B

Miss A

Loved shooting with Sydne!! She's the coolest gal and I have no problem saying that I won't be looking elsewhere. I've modeled in the past and I can honestly say she by far is my favorite photographer! She brings an atmosphere of fun and confidence to the room and I highly recommend her.

I cannot recommend Sydne enough for the Boudoir shoot!!! She makes you feel so comfortable in the studio, and walks you through the process of the shoot before/during/after! Seeing those photos allowed me to see myself in a completely different light, and i absolutely enjoyed myself and would recommend it to any woman interested in trying Boudoir.

Sydne & Joel Photography is so amazing! They make you feel comfortable and at ease. My pictures came out so candid, real and beautiful! Honestly one of the best photographers I've ever worked with! A HUGE thank you to Sydne & Joel Photography for helping me love me for me!


raves and reviews

my pictures came out so candid, real and beautiful!

"Seeing those photos allowed me to see myself in a completely different light"

"She brings an atmosphere of fun and confidencee"

About Sydne

- coffee chugging, laugh loving, wife, mama, and compulsive creator 

- can binge watch Gilmore Girls, Friends and HYMYM on a loop forever

- there is never a bad time for iced coffee, or street tacos with lime & cilantro

- imperfectly empowering women

learn more about ME

Trust Your Gut

Bombshell session experience

Boudoir and Beauty

+ Boudoir Prep Guide
+ Professional Makeup Application
+ Professional Hair Styling
+ Complimentary Refreshments
+ 90 minutes of magazine-style shoot time in studio, up to 3 outfits 
+ "soft" retouching of initial gallery 
+ Custom Wall Art Consultation & Design
+ Private, In Person Gallery Reveal & Ordering Session to custom design your own dream collection of wall art, heirloom albums, and boxes at your reveal. What you spend is entirely up to you. 

custom products

prints & products

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fill out the form below and we'll be in touch to start planning your session!

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Our group is for all our favorite clients to keep them up to date with model calls, specials, and giveaways!

This is an empowerment bubble and your safe place where you can see and hear the stories of others who have taken the plunge! 


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hey beautiful,


We love creating gorgeous, true to life images full of color, and dramatic, film inspired black and whites! Most of your session will be carefully directed in order to create images that look natural, while still shooting in a way that feels flattering.

We provide an in depth digital prep guide when you book that answers all the questions you could possibly have about styling your session!
In a nutshell - don't worry about it too much! Seriously. We can do a LOT with a white sheet, or simple bra and panty set. When it comes to boudoir, being confident and comfortable is 90% of the job!

 If you want to dress it up and get some steamy lingerie, complete with garter and heels, TOTALLY rock that! But, if you're more of a loose sweater and cheeky undies kinda gal, we'll totally use that to our advantage.

The camera loves texture! Lace, or sheer fabric like a scarf, wrap, or button up make for gorgeous images!
Most of our clients opt for an extended session with up to 3 outfits, so start thinking now about what kind of looks you feel sexy in! Remember, some classy fine art nudes count as an outfit too, so there's one less thing to shop for ;)  

The best accessory is confidence! So just make sure whatever you bring makes you feel radiant, and fits properly (which, lets face it, is 1/2 the key of confidence)!
We dish LOADS more tips in our prep guide - you'll get that after booking!


We make it a professional practice to not give away any raw or unedited images taken during our sessions and events. Ultimately, we do it as a service for our clients to save you time! 

We're professional curators, and we review thousands upon thousands of images every year, select the best, most flattering portraits that meet a professional standard, and make sure our clients get to see all the best ones without the hassle of choosing between very minute differences.

We cull through so many sessions and events every year that we're very efficient at what we do, and are happy to (humbly) report that we can do it in a fraction of the time most people can!

We show you only the best images, so it's easy to pick the perfect pieces for your custom collections!

Yes! We professionally retouch all of our sessions! Authenticity is huge to us as we want to capture images that are true to you, so our retouching is light for most sessions.

We're happy to get retouch temporary features, like acne, bruises, scratches etc. We don't perform extensive retouching that warps or alters the way our clients look. It's our philosophy that if it's permanent, or authentic to the moment, we don't alter it!

Additional retouching is available upon request, for an additional fee. 


You'll come in to view your images for the first time about 2 weeks after your session! You'll receive your digital purchases within a week of completing payment.

If you're in studio for your reveal, we can give you your crystal USB that night! Delivery on tangible prints and products varies a bit depending on what exactly you order, but generally we get to deliver your products 6-8 weeks after your reveal!


Yes! We have a natural light studio - head shots, beauty, maternity, boudoir and branding are all available in studio!


If you need to reschedule, we appreciate as much notice as possible. We require no less than 72 hours, unless in an absolute emergency.

While our retainers are non-refundable, we will do everything we can to accommodate a reschedule request. Be aware that our weekends can book up far in advance! We cannot guarantee that we can add an additional session time.


Our retainers are non-refundable, as we have reserved that date and time in our calendars, and turned down all other potential business. 


Boudoir clients will be presented with 40-60 images to choose from at your gallery reveal! Together, we will custom design your own dream collection of artwork, so the quantity purchased is entirely up to you!


Digital images and printed products are purchased separate from the session fee, at your reveal and ordering appointment!
I have studied photography and fine art for over a decade, and specialize in handing my clients a finished product! We only sell heirloom items, meaning everything you bring home will be archival quality and will outlive all of us!
Our clients really love that we're able to guide them through picking the best images for their albums and wall art, and custom designing the spaces in their homes! The in person reveal is one of the funnest moments for our clients, and is one of our favorite parts of the portrait process!


Our session fees are non refundable retainers, and start at $390. That covers your prep guide, professional hair styling and makeup application, wardrobe coaching, a 90 minute in studio session, light retouching of your images, and a private, in person reveal of your gorgeous portraits!

When it comes to picking your dream products at the reveal, each client's investment looks a little bit different! Collections start at $899, and go up from there. Some clients spend $899, and some spend several thousand - what you purchase at your reveal is entirely up to you!

We take credit cards, offer a 5% discount on any cash you bring to your appointment,  and have in house payment plans as well!

Frequently Asked Questions