Andrew & Amanda’s Pink & Navy Wedding at Willowbridge in Eagle, Idaho


August 29, 2019

She was radiating the kind of incandescent happiness you read about in sappy summer romance novels. The kind of joy that infected anyone that looked at her – my own cheeks aching with the smile she spread to her onlookers. The tulle of her gown swept as she twirled and swayed – a real-life princess at a ball.
Suddenly it occurred to me that I hadn’t photographed her groom in some time. I pulled my gaze up, and saw him hovering along the edge of the dance floor, and my heart almost burst. He was halfheartedly chatting with one of their guests, all the while completely mesmerized with his breathtaking wife. And the wider her grin grew, the deeper his satisfaction blatantly became.

The music blared, ballroom still tantalizing with the smell of garlic, and laughter seemed to dance along with their crowd. And I realized I was getting to witness something special. We usually photograph couples that are fresh in love. We’d never seen a wedding where the couple had over a decade of love and life under their belt… and while we absolutely adore capturing those early years of infatuation and butterflies, there was something so enchanting about watching a love that has withstood the trials that come with building a life and thriving business with your best friend. Of growing and adapting with a partner through one of the most pivotal times in life. The kind of love that has roots so deeply vested in the soil that the tree is no longer shaken by the winds of adversity, arguments or differences. The selfless love that only time can bring. I smiled at that groom as he watched his bride, because he wasn’t the dance-the-night-away kind of guy.
He was the bring-her-joy kind of man.

Andrew & Amanda, we were so touched by your love story – by your resilience and commitment. By your undeniable grace for each other and those around you.
By the way you stayed cool as a couple of love-struck cucumbers no matter what delays or cuts were made to your day.

We were deeply moved by the space you have for each others’ differences. By the automatic way you fill in each other’s weak spots, and play to your strengths. Together, you radiate compassion and gratitude, and the kind of selfless love that lasts for the ages. What an honor it was, to get to bear witness to your commitment standing at the alter. Your friends and family reflect your grace, their spirits unwavering and hearts  full of service – to each other, to you, and even to us! We don’t know if we’ve ever seen a village more excited to join two people in a union than the one you have built for yourselves. And it impacted us to our core. Keep on loving each other unconditionally, and sowing those beautiful seeds into your friends, and we know you two will be celebrating anniversaries for the rest of your days.

We love you two SO much and can’t wait to see where life takes you from here!

Big hugs and lots of love,

Sydne & Joel


Love what you see? Check out their incredible creative team!

Photography: @sydneandjoel

Videography: @fourteensixmedia

Venue: @willowbridge

Planner: Mishae @_majorevents_

Hair and Makeup: @justwingit

Gown: @LulyYangcouture

Bridesmaid Dresses @jjshouseofficial

Groom’s Attire @robertgrahamnyc

Groomsmen Attire: @menswearhouse

Engagement Ring @verragio

Floral: @EastsideFlorist

DJ @ddspdj

Catering @horsewood_catering

  1. Sara Lee says:

    😭😭😭😭 so beautiful! Congratulations again A&A! Love you guys!!!! P.S. Sydnee and Joel you were awesome!!!!!

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