Should I do a first Look?


September 22, 2020

Let’s talk first looks! Love em? Hate em? 👀  we want to see your thoughts in the comments! ✍️ 📱

Either way, I’d wager they’re here to stay! As Idaho wedding photographers, this wife + hubby team have seen our fair share of weddings run both traditionally, and with a first look and we have some thoughts we’d love to share!

Here are our pros and cons of those controversial (and GORGEOUS) first looks!

first look photos

The pros? 👇🏽

1) 📷 Your photographers control the setting!

We can pick the perfect light, and a pretty backdrop, position the groom in that just-right spot, and pick our angles ahead of time. That means that YOU get two specific, very strategic perspectives on BOTH of your reactions when you’re finally reunited on your big day!

👰 🤵

2)  You can make time for formal portraits BEFORE your wedding day!

📷 Yep! If you opt for a first look, we can knock out bridal party pictures, bridal’s, and in some cases, family portraits BEFORE your ceremony. We leave you plenty of time to duck back into your room, touch up hair and makeup, and rest and refresh before walking down the aisle. This allows us to keep after ceremony pictures quick and simple, so you spend lots time hugging great aunts and uncles, dancing and dining in the long run. This is especially important for BIG families or bridal parties, or couples opting for extended family portraits!

3) A private moment makes more space for real, raw emotions! 🥰

Weddings are amazing, beautiful, and long awaited. But they’re also notoriously hectic, a little overwhelming, and often stressful. You’re going to see US more than your honey that day 😂 So a moment just the two of you can be SUCH a breath of fresh air amongst the beautiful chaos!

A private first look is amazing in that it is ONLY you and your photographers and videographer. It creates more space for real emotions to come out after hours of wedding day jitters and hair and makeup 💄 because let’s be real, not every groom is comfortable enough in his emotions to let them show…in front of everyone he knows, and his almost in-laws 😉

And then you get a few moments of elated or teary I love you’s and see you soons, before your I do’s ♥️

🌧 4) This time acts as portrait insurance 😂

…Especially if all, or part of your event is scheduled outdoors. Because, you know…life happens 😂 Loving relatives give tearful toasts that run too long, rain/snow/insane winds, someone ends up too sloshed for formal sunset photos after dinner 🤭 Your wedding is meant to be the most amazing day of your life! If any of the aforementioned events do occur at your reception, and those signature sunset photos we sneak you away for DON’T happen for some reason, the first look insures we get those gorgeous formal portraits you picked us for!

The Cons 👇

1) It breaks tradition 🤭

Yep. We just have one ‘con’ on our list – and that’s that a first looks breaks that longstanding tradition of seeing each other for the first time walking down the aisle. There are even some that say it’s bad luck to see each other before you’re standing at the alter… 🤷‍♀️ It eases those anticipatory jitters, and hides the moment away from the rows of loved ones who are here to watch you say your vows. Which, admittedly is super cute too!

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