Body Love Project – Courageous Miss L


July 21, 2021

When it comes to self care, courageous Miss L  relies on prayer, massage, pedicures, yoga, baths, running, motivational reading and great burger! We liked that last one in particular 😂

We were so blessed to meet this bold, beautiful veteran, and for the laughs she brought into the studio. She was inspired to start embracing her body – and booked this session – to make sure she practices what she preaches, when supporting her daughters as they heal from eating disorders.

She came into her session like most women – feeling nervous and self conscious. Her favorite part of her experience was being surrounded by positive women, being vulnerable, and leaving feeling beautiful and empowered. “It was personal growth for myself and something I never thought I could do” Says Miss L.

She survived more during her military years than most of us can even wrap our minds around, and says the hardest part of her self love journey has been looking in the mirror and reminding herself what she has been through in life, and embracing those scars and “imperfections”.

When it comes to advice for other women, and for her ‘younger self’, Miss L says “Don’t body shame anyone, embrace your emotional and physical beauty. Surround yourself with positive and encouraging woman…Love yourself, enjoy your life and don’t wait to feel beautiful, because you think you still need to work on perfecting a body part.  Do you and be fabulous.”

Amen sister friend. Amen.


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