Body Love Project – Courageous Miss D


July 15, 2021

“No matter how bad it seems, and how alone you may feel it doesn’t stay that way. I’ve been knocked down many times and it’s not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel but it truly does get better.  Just don’t give up, fight like the warrior you are.” – Miss D says, when asked what advice she has for other women.

The perseverance is so evident in her strong spirit, and reassuring smile. At 50 years old, Miss D is choosing to focus on who she is as a person, and to focus less on what she looks like. She’s a happy newlywed, and is looking forward to spending her life with someone who loves her so much, and helps her to embrace exactly who she is. She was inspired to book her session to see herself the way her husband does. She was happy to share that her boudoir session has given her the opportunity to see that beautiful side of herself, and that getting out of her comfort zone has helped her more easily keep sight of who she really is.

When it comes to self care, Miss D loves her bubble baths for quiet time, and spending time with her friends and family. In the short time we spent with her, we heard a lot about the power of leaning into good relationships- in particular her amazing friendship with her daughter. Her daughter serves as a bit of an anchor point in her life, and she always looks forward to their talks.

“She is so wise beyond her years, and she has had some tough talks with me about putting myself down. I chose to embrace those talks, and see myself as she sees me.”

She says that the hardest part of learning to embrace her body is “Believing someone when they tell you you’re perfect and beautiful.  It’s so hard to see that for myself because I’m so critical of how my body has changed.” Miss D says she’s learning that her authenticity is what makes people smile, and brings them joy, which is having a very positive impact on how she sees herself.

And in the day she joined us in the studio, we have to say, that authentic love and joy is absolutely what makes her so effortless to be around. We are SO grateful she trusted us to create something beautiful together, and can’t wait to see her again!




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