Nervous to book? Here’s how to prepare for your boudoir session!


December 9, 2020

Let me guess – you’ve been watching for a while, and dreaming about booking your very own boudoir session, but you’re still a little nervous? Here’s what you can expect when you book with Sydne Barnett Studios!

Those excited pre-shoot jitters have gotten the best of you – what do I wear? Where do I shop?? What is the studio like? Will I have fun? Could I EVER look like the women on the website?
I’m here to answer all of your questions! Whether this is your first or fiftieth photoshoot, our team will make sure you feel at ease! Here’s what you can expect from this unforgettable photoshoot!

Step 1: You book your phone consultation!

As silly as this might feel, ALL of our clients have a pre-shoot consultation. We chat on the phone for about 30 minutes, get a feel for your vision, answer questions, chat wardrobe and styling, pay your retainer and pick your date. This allows us to custom design your session, and our shooting flow to make sure we create an experience, and final product you LOVE. What you want to walk away with, and what you want to feel like are KEY when it comes to how we put your day together!

We have our clients create a session mood board and spotify playlist to really set the vibe for the day! Music is the key to the soul – and it’s instrumental (hehe see what i did there? 😜 ) when it comes to making sure our clients feel comfortable from the moment you walk in the studio, to the moment you skip from our doors, anticipating your gorgeous album more than ever!

And your mood board? Those pinned images give us a quick visual on the aesthetic you are most drawn to! Most women don’t know how to articulate the lighting, posing, and artistic style they love – this let’s us photograph you in a way you’ll obsess over for years to come!

Ready to book your call? CLICK HERE!

Step 2: Teddys, corsets and bodysuits, oh my!

When it comes to what to wear, and how to prepare, we take great pride in covering allllll of the bases. We’ll first talk wardrobe on the phone consultation, and then the real fun begins! As soon as you’re booked, we’ll send over our client exclusive Boudoir Prep Guide – this guide walks you through what to wear, how to prepare, where to shop, and answers allllllll of our FAQs from our years in business! It even walks you through creating that mood board we talked about 😉
But we don’t leave you alone after that. I send a ton of follow up emails, making sure you pick the perfect pieces for your body type, reminding you to schedule your waxes, hair and mani-pedi, and will check in to make sure you don’t have new questions along the way.

When you arrive at the studio, we’ll come out to help you in with your things, and the first thing we’ll do is review your gorgeous outfit selections, and pick our favorites! I always encourage clients to bring 6-10 outfits to chose from. We always photograph 3! And if we get a little extra time, we have bonus outfits readily available!
Gorgeous Red Hair
Step 3: It’s called glamour daaahling!!

Once we’ve selected our favorite outfits, you get to sit down, sip your coffee, laugh with us and be pampered with professional hair and makeup! Our team will check out your mood board, and ask questions all along the way to make sure we get it just right!
This process is very interactive – we are 100% un-offend-able, so make sure your style is exactly what you want!
You can 100% decide how natural or glamorous you want to go!


Step 4: Strut Your Stuff!

Now that you’re styled and feeling fabulous, we transition directly into your session! We shoot for 60-90 minutes, and I always photograph 3 outfits or looks (white sheet or fine art nude count as a look!)! I direct everything from the angle of your head, and where your hair is tossed, to where your toes are pointed – no Ricky Bobbi hands here!

Step 5: Lunch Break!

Once we’ve wrapped up the session, we break for lunch. And trust me, after the photo-yoga we do, you’ll be ready for it!
If you’re new to the studio, I’m happy to share we’re located right on the Indian Creek Plaza in Caldwell, Idaho! You’re less than a 60 second walk from a beautiful variety of places to eat! From all American food at Grit (seriously addicting burger and fries), to the best Barbecue  (and friendliest proprietors) in the valley at Chop Shop! There are pizza places, kickass tacos, a gorgeous Mexican restaurant, ice cream, Flying M coffee – take your pick. Lunch usually lasts about 90 minutes.
Finish up early? Drop into the darling floral + gift shop on the plaza, or enjoy people watching!


Step 6: Your Viewing & Ordering Appointment!

After lunch, you come right back up to the studio to view your gorgeous images – I’ll present your top 30-40 images, lightly retouched in color & black and white, and walk you through selecting your favorites, picking how luxurious you want your album to be, and what images will be most beautiful in the album vs up on the wall! You get to pick your cover(s), frames, and finishes, and once you  have finalized your selections, you pay for your order, and we get them into production immediately!

Step 7: Product Pickup & Wall Art Installation!

4-6 weeks after your order is finalized, your albums, boxes, wall & desk art will come in! You can pick them up in the studio, or have us deliver them! Dreaming of a gorgeous wall art display? We’ll even come and install it for you, so you don’t have to worry about a thing! Closets, bathrooms, bedrooms are just a few of the places you can spruce up with your gorgeous custom art collection!

boudoir pictures in idaho
Throughout this entire process, we’re here if you have any questions – email us at or call/text me at 208-863-2381!

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